No matter how professional and efficient the interstate removals you hire when moving to a new house are, once they have delivered all your furniture, appliances, and other belongings to your new home, how you arrange and store everything thereafter, is up to you.

At this point, you could take a haphazard approach and try to store everything as best you can, but in truth, this is likely to lead you to have either not enough storage for everything, or having everything stored but randomly with no proper organisation to it all.

A better strategy would be to follow some of the great ideas for home storage that exist and utilise some of them once your removalist moved stuff to your new home. In doing so, not only should everything be stored, but it will be in a way that allows you, and your family, to know where everything is.

What these ideas also do is provide some unique and fun ways to store items that might otherwise be thrown in a cupboard, drawer, or box, never to be found again. You’ll discover loads of these ideas if you search online, but to get you started, here are 5 which we love.

Headboards With Storage

This one you can use if you plan to buy new beds for your new home. Many bed designs now have storage within the headboard section which can be used for storing small or personal items such as jewellery, handkerchiefs, books, pyjamas, socks, and underwear. It is especially useful if the bedroom is small with little room for drawer sets.

Mount Bicycles On The Garage Wall

Once the car is parked in the garage there is often little space for anything else, which often means any bicycles that the family own need to be stored in the house, where space is at a premium. They can also create a mess on carpets if they have been used during wet weather. To solve these issues, mount large hooks on the walls of the garage, and then use these as bicycle holders.

Hang Pans and Pots

On a similar principle to the bicycle idea, a great way to free up space in your kitchen cupboards and drawers is to not store pots and pans in them, but instead, to hang them on hooks on the wall of the kitchen. This not only frees up valuable storage space elsewhere but makes it easier for you to see and reach for whichever pot or pan you need.

Make A ‘Pipe’ Shoe Rack

This is fun, and a great way to store shoes. Rather than them piling up in the cupboard, you can make a shoe rack from round, PVC pipes. You can buy around 40 of them for just a few dollars, and then glue them into whatever shape you wish such as a pyramid, or rows of alternating four or five pipes.

Use Pegboards or Corkboards To Hang Jewellery

If you have lots of jewellery, especially chains, bracelets, and necklaces, a great way to store them is on a pegboard or chalkboard along with hooks or large pins. You can lay the hooks or pins in whatever pattern you wish, and then hang your jewellery from them. The added benefits are that you can see each piece properly, and they do not get tangled, as they would in a box.