Choosing the right removalists is one of the keys to ensuring a streamlined business move. Doing so will ensure that your office is taken care of and that everything is shifted fast and efficiently.

However, choosing a removalist isn’t always easy. Should you use the cheapest one? Or the one with the best reputation? Or perhaps you should go for something in between?

Ultimately, the choice is down to you. But, in the rest of this article we’ve outlined some of the key things to think about when you’re choosing a professional removalist, such as Removalists Perth, for your business move.

Do Some Online Research

To begin with, we always advise people to do as much online research as possible. Look at a range of different office moving businesses and pay special attention to their reviews and any online comments about their service.

Ideally, you should be able to make a shortlist of a handful of providers who really stand out above the crowd. You can then use this list to narrow down your choices and find the perfect removalists for your company.

Consider Their Professional Accreditation

It’s also worth paying special attention to the professional accreditation of any removalist that you’re considering. We’d always recommend using a qualified and accredited removals company with years of industry experience.

If you don’t, you run the risk of using a removalist who simply doesn’t offer the quality of service that they should. This could cause all sorts of problems come moving day, and it’s really not worth putting yourself through the stress.

Ask About Their Insurance

Although most removalists come with industry-standard insurance, it’s important to query this before you commit to using a specific company. Accidents do happen, and you need to make sure that your treasured items are covered in all situations.

Get a Quite

Next, it’s a good idea to get a comprehensive quote from a few different removalists so that you have an idea about how much you should pay. You might find that one company quotes significantly less than the others, and decide to use them. On the other hand, if all of the businesses you’re considering are going to charge similarly, you need to look deeper at their service record.

Go With Your Gut Feeling

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few high-quality providers, you should have a chat to them to see how friendly they are and how willing they are to take care of your needs. Once you get to this point, choosing a removalist largely comes down to your gut feeling and what you think about each company.


Ultimately, choosing an office removalist shouldn’t be too hard, and it certainly shouldn’t be something that you lose sleep over at night. Make sure that you do plenty of research, read past customer reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family. At the end of the day, you should go with a removalist who doesn’t charge a fortune, but who still offers professional, reliable service.