Moving to a new house or organising office relocations needs lots of planning, and even if you are hiring removalists to do all the heavy lifting and transportation, you have many things which you need to organise and arrange.

You could wing it, and hope that your brain remembers everything, but Sod’s law dictates that one thing which we forget is going to be something crucial, and which cases the maximum stress and upheaval, so to avoid any chance of that happening, we have something which can help you.

It is a simple checklist which covers the seven important aspects of a moving to a new house that should keep you on track and ensure that the whole process is as stress-free as can be.

Utilise Your Diary and Calendar

Using a diary or calendar to highlight all the dates and times that relevant to your move, is essential. These can range from an important appointment with your bank about your new mortgage, to when you need to tell your newsagent to stop delivering your morning paper.

Plan for Anything and Everything to Happen

‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst’ is an age-old saying, and it can help you in this instance. Think of all the things that could go wrong, and pre-plan how you will deal with them if they happen. This way you are prepared if you encounter a problem, and will know what to do, rather than panicking, and making a poor decision on the spot.

Declutter Before You Start Packing

A move to a new house is the ideal opportunity for you to declutter and get rid of the junk that you never use, and no longer need. Be relentless with this, as getting rid of enough junk, means you have less to pack and unpack when the move happens.

Think Carefully About Your Packing Materials

By assessing what items you are taking with you, their size, weight and how fragile they are, you can order packing materials that are going to be most appropriate.

This way the chances of anything being damaged or broken in transit is greatly reduced, and the whole operation should go much smoother than if everything were simply packed in any old box.

Keep All Your Important Documents Safe, and at Hand

Everyone has important documents, and during a house move, is the most likely occasion when they are going to go missing. For that reason, ensure you have your important documents as close to you as possible on the day you are moving. To be extra safe, you may want to make photocopies of them in case you need to request replacements.

Plan the Layout of Your New Home

Assuming you have viewed your new home, you should take the opportunity to plan the layout of your furniture in as many rooms as possible. This way you can label furniture before it is transported so that it goes into the correct room when it arrives at your new home.

Choose an Experienced and Professions Removals Company

Finally, ensure that the removals company that you hire is one which is experienced and has a great reputation. First, see how long they have been in business and then look at any reviews which customers have given them.

More than anything else, hiring a great removals company can ensure that your move to a new home goes smoothly and is as stress-free, as possible.

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