There is a group of vehicles that people in Australia might call ‘Utes’, Trucks’ or ‘Pickups’ and whilst there might be some disagreement on what we should call them, the one aspect that is not in question is you can use them to transport items of all sizes from one location to another. Whilst doing so you will need a way to keep everything secure and prevent them from moving around, and that is when you need a net manufacturer, and more specifically, a cargo net.

There are many drivers who think that because the storage area in the back has four sides that the need for a cargo net is minimal, and therefore they do not use one. Not only can this lead to a lot of hassle for them, but it also has the potential to cause a serious, and in the worst-case scenario, a fatal one.

Bear in mind the sorts of items that can be placed in there are limited only by the vehicle storage area’s size and load capacity therefore you can have anything ranging from grocery shopping to large pieces of industrial equipment. Across the spectrum of items some are very lightweight, and others are so heavy that it takes two people to carry them.

Without a cargo net covering the items being transported, there are many ways in which that lack of protection can lead to unwanted situations. The first of these is for lightweight items to be blown out and onto the road. At best, assuming you spot this in your rear view mirror, you have the hassle of stopping and either walking or driving in the opposite direction to receive the items.

This might seem like more of an inconvenience than dangerous, but what if the items were to blow onto the windscreen of another car, causing the driver to lose sight of the road?  Worse, what if it were to land on the visor of a passing motorcyclist? Admittedly these are highly unlikely scenarios but that is why we are often shocked by accidents that happen in the most bizarre of circumstances.

The point is that by purchasing a cargo net from a netting supplier you could eliminate any risk of items blowing away and causing a potential accident. The same applies to items that might ‘bounce’ out of your vehicle whenever you drive over a bump or large hole in the road. Here the risk is greater as this might be enough for larger items to bounce out on to the road, and cause another vehicle to hit it, or swerve to avoid it.

Again, for a motorcyclist the danger is enhanced in that they might even be thrown from their motor bike when having to stop abruptly to avoid what has fallen from your vehicle.

Finally, we come to the risk of items being damaged whilst being transported, due to them moving about and hitting other items. Braking, accelerating, and turning corners cause forces on the items in the back, and this law of physics might be enough to cause items to move and be damaged or break, especially if they are delicate items.

Netting suppliers can supply you with cargo nets that are manufactured to standard sizes, or if you require a custom net, they should be able to manufacture this for you. The cost of this cargo net will seem minuscule compared to the possible cost of you not securing your belongings whilst on the road, and them harming others should they fall out.