If you have a large backyard or garden, you might find it a little difficult to keep on top of ongoing maintenance to keep it looking good. If this is the case, it could be time to come up with a new landscape design plan with the help of professional landscapers to transform your outdoor spaces.

There are numerous different design styles you could follow when creating a new landscaping plan. Different design styles are best suited to different people with different needs. With this in mind, we’ve spent a bit of time coming up with the following three innovative landscape design ideas to help you transform your garden.

Consider a Minimalist Style

Minimalist landscape design is becoming increasingly popular across the world. In general, it involves using simple design elements which require low maintenance throughout the year. Minimalist styles are best suited to those who lead a busy life without a lot of time to maintain their outdoor spaces.

The following minimalist design tips should help you get started:

  • Think about using plenty of paved/hard areas to prevent the work associated with gardens and lawns.
  • If you do want a lawn, go for artificial turf.
  • Plant larger, low-maintenance bushes and shrubs.

As you can imagine, minimalist landscape designs are usually quite simple – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t look good.

Think About Planting Natives

Another great modern landscaping idea is to plant a garden full of natives. Australian natives tend to be adapted to our harsh climates, which makes them much better choices than standard garden plants. They are:

  • Tough and drought-resistant, which means that they will continue to look good throughout the summer months.
  • Very hardy, and don’t have any problems with growing in poor soils.
  • Wildlife-friendly, which means that you should see more birds and other animals visiting your backyard.

If you do decide to go with a native garden, it’s important to think carefully about what you’re going to plant. Go for species that are local to your area to ensure they are suited to your environment.

Add Water Features

If you live in an area where water shortages aren’t a concern, you might want to add some sort of water features to your landscape design plan. Things like fountains, ponds and small streams are popular throughout Australia.

When you’re designing your water features, it’s crucial to make sure you consider how they fit with the rest of your garden. Make sure you use a consistent style throughout, and try to plant wildlife-friendly species as much as possible.

Final Word

In this article, we’ve outlined our top three landscape design ideas to transform your outdoor spaces. Minimalist designs are becoming increasingly popular across Australia, while native gardens have always worked great with our harsh climates. And finally, including some sort of water feature as the centerpiece of your garden can be a great idea.

Ultimately, it’s worth remembering that landscape design isn’t always easy. If you’re not a very creative person, it could be worth speaking to your local design specialist for more information.