Swimming pools make great outdoor entertaining and living areas during the summer months, but they can seem like a waste of space in winter. If not looked after, your swimming pool and pool fencing can become run down and worn out.

If you want to maintain an attractive pool area throughout the winter, you will have to put a bit of work in. Things like glass pool fencing will need washing regularly, and you will have to monitor your pools water levels and quality. Gardens will need to be looked after and paved or hard areas will need to be swept or pressure cleaned from time to time.

We understand that it can be hard to get the motivation to look after your pool and pool fencing throughout the winter, which is why we’ve put together the following list of top tips to help you out.

  1. Make Sure You Keep Your Pool Fence Clean

If you have a glass pool fence, then it’s extremely important to make sure that you keep it clean and well maintained. A dirty glass fence looks terrible, and letting grime and a dust build up can actually damage the surface of your glass panels and metal fittings.

Cleaning your pool fence is actually very easy if you do it regularly. Fill up a bucket with warm water and a bit of dish-washing detergent, and wash your glass pool fence panels in the same way you would wash a window. Make sure that you dry the fence when you’ve finished washing to prevent streaks and other water marks forming.

  1. Monitor The Water Quality

If you want your pool to stay in good condition throughout the winter, then you need to make sure that you’re continually monitoring the water quality. Don’t be tempted to switch off filters and other equipment during winter to save electricity – doing so will only let algae build up could lead to damage to your pool’s filtration and cleaning systems.

Make sure that you also monitor the water pH and chemical levels. Maintaining the correct pH (usually between 7.2 and 7.6) will make it easier to keep the water safe for swimming as soon as you get nice weather.

  1. Look After Your Gardens

The key to maintaining an attractive pool area throughout the winter – and the rest of the year – is making sure that the things surrounding the pool are in good condition. It’s easy to let your gardens become overgrown and run down in winter, but it’s important to not let this happen.

Get outside whenever you have time and prune and tidy the gardens around your pool. If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, then think about employing a gardener or handyman to do it for you.


Maintaining an attractive pool area throughout winter can be hard, but it’s by no means impossible. The above tips will help you keep your swimming pool, your pool fence and your surrounding gardens clean and tidy throughout the year.